Glowing Mushroom

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Glow in the dark Mushroom Habitat kit for sale

For millennium, people have referred to it as Foxfire, Cold Fire, Will-o-the-Wisp or Faerie Fire.Your Glow-in-the-dark Mushroom Kit has many natural functions and is not only cool but plays a very important role in the terrarium's micro-climate by releasing humidity and purifying the environment.

This is one of the brightest and most fascinating of the many types of luminous mushrooms that grow naturally. It is also one of the few that has glowing mycelium - which means it glows almost all the time, rather than just briefly whilst it fruits.

The mycelium, pins and fruit of this mushroom all glow with a eerie dim green light. The light intensity varies with conditions, and can suddenly increase to bright levels if the mycelium is exposed to higher oxygen levels. Juvenile pins usually glow brightest of all.

Luminous mushrooms have long been associated with folklore and mystery, due to the ancients' lack of understanding of their fascinating ability to emit an eerie greenish glow. Scientists are unsure of the reason why these fungi have evolved to glow, but it has been suggested it has something to do with attracting nocturnal insects which help to disperse the spores. Often known as foxfire, even today, an unexpected meeting with this fungus in the dark provokes amazement or even fear.

This is probably the easiest glowing mushroom to cultivate and provides a highly reliable glowing effect. As with all luminous mushrooms, the light intensity is fairly low, but is visible in dark conditions after your eyes have adjusted for about 5 minutes. The cultures does not necessarily glow early in it's growth but once it is established after a few weeks, it will produce continuous visible amounts of light. The glow is dependent on available oxygen and dramatic and sudden increases in brightness can be achieved when cultures are exposed to the open air.

If this variety is allowed to fruit, the mushrooms look like a small oyster mushroom, but IT IS NOT EDIBLE - DO NOT EAT!! This mushroom is grown for novelty purposes only.

The mycelium can be grown on a wide variety of wood or grains under a wide range of temperatures. If you wish to grow fruits, wood substrates are better than grain. Remove the substrate from the bags after colonisation and mist regularly to obtain glowing fruit.

Now YOU can grow Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms at home in your terrarium, vivariums, or backyard on a real log with this simple mushroom growing kit. Your kit includes everything you need except the log! to grow your own faerie Fire. You also get a wonderful booklet that tells you more about the science behind bioluminescence, its lore, other species, and its place in nature.

This product is an exciting project for the whole family, or the classroom. Excellent Gift for your friends, family, relatives and those who like gardening, DIY natural beautifying your house, office and toilet for observation of the nature habitat. Create your own Avatar habitat now.

once again: DO NOT EAT!